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Cassowary crossing a rural road leads to seven in hospital and two wrecked cars

October 4, 2012

A cassowary crossing a rural road near Mission Beach caused a multi-car pile up in which two vehicles were written off and seven people ended up in hospital.

Several cars were believed to be banked back along the Tully Mission Rd at Carmoo on Tuesday morning as the creature meandered across the bitumen when another vehicle came over the crest of a hill, slamming into the last car in the line.

Five children, including one as young as four, were among the seven people transported to Tully Hospital with minor injuries following the crash, which happened at 10.20am.

The incident has prompted local police to issue a warning to motorists, not just to be aware of wildlife, but where they stop to observe it.

Mission Beach officer-in-charge Sgt Dan Gallagher said the area was a known place for cassowaries.

“We obviously acknowledge that people need to slow down for wildlife, but they also need to be aware of other road users, especially at this time of year when there are lots of tourists on the road,” he said.

Both the written off vehicles were four-wheel-drives with the 47-year-old and 43-year-old female drivers of the vehicles among those injured.

Sgt Gallagher said the stretch of road where the accident occurred was an 80km/h zone. He said investigations were continuing, but this was not the first time that wildlife in the area had caused accidents.