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Wildlife activity increases during the fall season resulting in more crashes

by Jill Jagelski (Beartooth NBC)
October 24, 2012

The fall season is a beautiful time of year, but it’s also known as a prime time for active wildlife.

As the seasons change, wildlife seems to become more active.  While this can be great for hunters, it can be bad news for drivers.  Capital Collision Center Owner Bruce Halcro says this time of year is prime for wildlife accidents.

Halcro says, “This season we seem to seem to be seeing a lot of animal hits, deer hits.  Generally in the course of a year we’ll see two or three elk hits, at this point this year we’ve already seen eight.”

But why this time of year?  Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Brian Inman says there are 3 main reasons why wildlife is more active during the fall.

Inman says, “Weather is one of them, when the weather is severe up higher, it pushes the animals down so they can find food and shelter.  Hunting is another one, that pressure moves the animals around, people are walking through the woods where the rest of the year they aren’t.  And their natural breeding cycle is during this time of year.”

While the reasons for wildlife activity could vary, one thing is certain, if you do have an accident with wildlife, the expenses could be costly.

There are precautions you can take to help save money, and your life.  Inman says to check your equipment, decrease speeds and always wear a seat belt.

Inman also says the severity of the accident is determined by the speed and location of the hit.


Story by Jill Jagelski, Beartooth NBC.
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