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Wombats killed on urban roads

by Bianca Carmona (Manningham Leader)
September 19, 2012

MOTORISTS are being urged to watch for wildlife in Lower Templestowe.

Wildlife Victoria issued the warning after three wombats were hit and killed by cars along Fitzsimons Lane next to Westerfolds Park in the past six weeks.

Spokeswoman Amy Amato said road signage was extremely important especially in urban fringe areas such as Templestowe.

“It’s not only for the wombats’ safety but the community as well,” Ms Amato said.

“Wildlife crossing signs give drivers the opportunity to slow down and avoid a dangerous incident.”

VicRoads acting regional director Anita Curnow confirmed they were considering installing warning signs along Fitzsimons Lane.

She said the cost of installing signage would be $2000.

Parks Victoria ranger Craig Albiston said wombats lived in Westerfolds Park, and also along both sides of the Yarra River corridor as far down as the Burke Rd bridge in Ivanhoe and upstream beyond Warrandyte.

“If the public see any injured or dead wildlife at the side of the road they should contact Wildlife Victoria,” Mr Albiston said.

“Although the adult may have died, the pouch-young can live for another three days.”