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Connected Conservation Webinar: Improving Roads for People and Wildlife

June 16, 2021


The Connected Conservation (C2) webinar series is a  monthly webinar series hosted by the National Park Service (NPS). One hour webinars highlight specific tools that a park, NPS program, or an external partner might use to further landscape-scale conservation.

Join ARC’s Executive Director, Renee Callahan, and Robert Ament (Center for Large Landscape Conservation & Western Transportation Institute) to learn about Improving Roads for People and Wildlife. 

Roads constitute the largest human artifact on Earth, altering ecological flows and creating a persistent barrier to terrestrial and aquatic passage. In addition to acting as barriers to wildlife movement and migration, motorists in the U.S. annually kill an estimated 1-2 million large mammals and inestimable small animals, at a cost to Americans of more than $8 billion. Learn about creative solutions to save wildlife.