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Michael Van Valkenburgh Wins Vail Overpass Competition, Colorado’s Deer Send Thanks

by Steve Delahoyde (Media Bistro)
January 26, 2011

Hot off the heals of landing the high-profile and much sought-after St. Louis Arch grounds redesign project, the world’s most famous living landscape architect, Michael Van Valekenburgh, has won another big commission. This time it’s a proposed wildlife overpass over I-70 near Vail, Colorado. The project might sound familiar back from a few months ago, when the finalists’ renderings of their inventive plans to safely help keep animals away from the busy road, were the talk de jour of the design-interested internet for a short while. Though the ARC International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition project, as it’s officially known, is pure proposal at the moment, with Colorado saying it doesn’t have the money to build such a thing, if anything, it’s still a nice additional burst of publicity for a landscape architect who seems to be receiving lots of it on a very regular basis.