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Life Worlds Podcast: Re-Weaving Landscapes

July 24, 2023


“Wildlife crossing structures capture the public imagination. They’re very much structures of hope. They show in very visible, tangible ways how wildlife move. They share the stories of movement over, under and around us, sometimes by creatures that are hidden in plain sight.” ~ Nina-Marie Lister

Tune in to the Life Worlds podcast on “Re-Weaving Landscapes: Wildlife Crossings & Designing for Nature as the Client” to hear Jeremy Guth, a trustee of the Woodcock Foundation and ARC’s co- founder, and Nina-Marie Lister, Graduate Director of the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Toronto Metropolitan University where she leads the Ecological Design Lab, speak on the subject.

“Earth is a fluid organism and needs connected landscapes like a canvas upon which to paint its life. Roads, on the other hand, are the single most destructive element in the process of habitat fragmentation (not to mention the millions of deaths due to collisions and the massive economic cost of these accidents). Over the coming 30 years, an additional 25 million km of roads will be built across the planet’s surface.”

In the podcast, Life Worlds host Alexa Firmensch speaks to Nina-Marie and Jeremy, “pioneers in the world of wildlife crossings and design competition leaders who have spurred the process of globally rethinking and redesigning human structures to grapple with the concept of “wilderness” and the radical interconnectedness of nature and culture.”